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Here is my newest Cd featuring 17 Tunes in the style of Kenny Baker. I played the 4 instruments and took solos on the guitar and mandolin for each tune.

1. Cincinnati Rag * 2. Dusty's Hornpipe - (Baker) * 3. Cross-Eyed Fiddler - (Baker) * 4. Doc Harris The Fisherman - (Baker) * 5. Happy Time Waltz - (Baker) * 6. Denver Belle - (Baker) * 7. High Dad In The Morning * 8. Crag Rock Pass - [Red Apple Rag] * 9. Road To Columbus - (Bill Monroe) * 10. Dance With Me Kenny - (Baker) * 11. First Day In Town - (Baker) * 12. Johnny The Blacksmith - (Baker) * 13. Festival Waltz - (Baker) * 14. Salty - (Baker) * 15. Dead March * 16. Fiddlers Pastime - (Bill Monroe) * 17. Washington County

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Here is my Ready To Jam Cd featuring 16 standard Bluegrass jam songs. 9 New Brunswick singers display their talents and they are: Jean-Marc Doiron, Serge Doiron, Francis Cormier, Vincent Cormier, Frank Doody, Gerry Richard, Dominic Cormier, Emile Robichaud and Paul Hebert. One of the purposes for this CD was to make available Tabs and a DVD breakdown of all the instrumental solos. The guitar, fiddle and mandolin work is by Ray Legere and the Banjo was played by Russell Sawler. Terry Poirier played bass and we're planning a bass instructional as well.

1.On My Way Back To The Old Home * 2. In The Pines * 3. Honey You Don't Know My Mind * 4. Pain in my Heart * 5. Down The Road * 6. Dark Hollow * 7. Don't Give Your Heart To A Rambler * 8. Cryin' Holy Unto The Lord * 9. Hold What'cha Got * 10. I Just Think I'll Stay Around * 11. I Ain't Broke But Badly Bent * 12. Little Maggie * 13. Bury Me Beneath the Willow * 14. Salty Dog Blues * 15. Banks of the Ohio * 16. It Won't Work This Time

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Here we have music of the Maritimes, all written and performed by East Coast Singers and Musicians!! Ray Legere, JP Cormier, Cindy Church, Raylene Rankin, Kevin Evans, Delvina Bernard, Jean Marc Doiron, Lennie Gallant, Alex Fraser, Bruce Jacobs, Dave Burton, Danny Maillet and Others!

1. The Call * 2. Atlantic Blue* 3. Puddle Jumper* 4. Southeast Wind * 5. The Eyes Of Margaret* 6. Roloboys Reel* 7. Which Way Does The River Run* 8. 39 Forest Street * 9. Red Clay Hills* 10. Calm Before the Storm* 11. Path to Heaven*

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*Bluegrass In The Backwoods-(AHM-1019) Brand new release featuring the fiddle in the traditional bluegrass style. This is the first in a series featuring the fiddle in different musical genres. Ray plays fiddle, mandolin and also some guitar. CD

1.Bluegrass In The Backwoods * 2.Kentucky Waltz * 3.Ducks On The Millpond * 4.Baker's Medley * 5.Bluemoon Of Kentucky * 6.Indian Creek * 7.Grassy Fiddle Blues * 8.Lost John * 9.Someone Took My Place With You * 10.Beautiful Dreamer* 11.Footprints In The Snow* 12.Fiddler's Dream * 13. Why Did You Wander * 14.Black Mt. Rag * 15. If I Should Wander Back Tonight * 16.Two O'clock In The Morning

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*River of No Return-(SCR-47) A bluegrass project with songs and instrumentals.A duo project with Dobroist Roger Williams. Ray plays all guitar, mandolin and fiddle parts. CD released on Europes "Strictly Country Records". 1994 cass./CD

1. Puddle Jumper * 2. Little Man * 3.Step,Stomp and Stumble * 4. Contemplation *5. This Lonesome Fiddler * 6.I've Got Your Number * 7. River Of No Return * 8.Swing '93 * 9.Can't Keep You In Love With Me * 10.Let Old Mother Nature Have Her Way * 11.Cruisin' The Autbahn * 12.Snowy Afternoon

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*Back Against The Wind-(AHM-1016) A CBC recording of Bluegrass songs and tunes featuring some favorite local musicians as well as noted American musicians.Ray plays fiddle,mandolin and some lead guitar. l992 cass./CD

1. Carolina Star * 2.If Your Ever Gonna Love Me * 3. Ragtime Annie * 4.Blue and Lonesome Too * 5. Fraiddling * 6.Love Me Darlin' * 7.Lady Be Good * 8. Hobo On a Freight Train * 9. Mama's Rocking Chair * 10. I Know What It Means To Be Lonesome * 11.Lonesome Fiddler * 12.Long Black Veil * 13. Back Against The Wind

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This is my Oldtime fiddle CD with some added bluegrass and original tunes in the second half.

1.Blue Mountain , Concert Reel , Carleton County Breakdown * 2.Poor Girl , Twilight Waltz * 3.Pet of the Piper, Buttermilk Mary, Rosewood Jig * 4.Vendomes Clog, Valley Field Reel , Archie Menzie * 5.Bird in a Tree (Fiddle TUNED-AEAE) * 6.Cherish the Ladies Jig * 7.Randall's Hornpipe, High Level , Fair of Ballinasloe * 8.Mathematician , Blindmans Reel, Mountain Road *9.Shannon Waltz * 10.Cape Breton's Welcome to the Shetlands , Masons Apron 11.Jeruselem Ridge * 12.Dusty Miller * 13.Taking It Easy (R. Legere) *14. Squirrely Moves (R. Legere) * 15.Grey Eagle * 16. Arkansas Traveller * 17.Travellers Breakdown/Doing Repairs (R. Legere) * 18.Last Waltz/Village Carousel Waltz * 19.Get Up The Fiddle And Rosin That Bow (R. Legere) * 20.Panhandle Rag

*Mandolin Tabs

available for Ready To Jam

Ray has also recorded with many other artists including:

  • Emory Lester
  • Tom Adams
  • Wyatt Rice
  • Mike O'Reilly/ Dick Smith
  • White Mt. Bluegrass
  • Stan Tyminski
  • Lynn Morris
  • Bluegrass Diamonds
  • Carl Goodman
  • Roger Williams
  • Brakin' Tradition
  • John McDermott
  • Bowfire
  • Paul Hebert
  • Hert LeBlanc
  • Canadian Grass Unit
  • Needfire
  • Ennis Sisters
  • Terry Kelly
  • Rita McNeil
  • J.P. Cormier
  • Atlantic Blue Newgrass Project
  • James King
  • Gibson Brothers
  • Others.....

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